Unique Holistic Multidisciplinary

Approach to all Brain Function Disorders in Children & Adults

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Diseases Treated for Children


Developmental Delay




Down Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy

Sensory Alalia

Muscular Dystonia

Low Academic Performance

Celiac Disease

Learning Difficulties

Speech Delays




Celiac Disease

Mental Delays

Enuresis, Encopresis


Diseases Treated for Adults

All Types of Headaches

Vertigo and Tinnitus

Parkinson Disease

Movement disorders

Post COVID syndrome

Intervertebral disks disorders

Mononeuropathy, Polyneuropathy

Memory Problems

Our Multidisciplinary Team

Non-Traditional and Exclusive Therapies for Adults and Children


→ Neurological  Assessment
→ Detailed  Laboratory Investigation
→ Educational Psychology Assessment
→ Electroencephalography (EEG)
→ Electropuncture diagnostic


→ Speech Therapy
→ Ozone Therapy
→ Educational Psychology Assessment
→ Vitamin Drips
→ Bioacoustic Correction Therapy
→ Occupational Therapy
→ Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
→ Neurosensory stimulation
→ Neurocorrection of cerebellar
→ Mitochondrial rehabilitation Remit

Dr. Aida Tashkulova

GP-Neurologist, Neurophysiologist, Reflexologist

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About La Familia Medical Center

La Familia Medical Center is multi-specialty clinic opened in November 2016 and have more than 30,000 dedicated patients, founded by a group of well-known physicians that pursued a center of excellence to fulfill all the needs of the family using the HIGHEST and standard medical technologies & treatments.

Our Departments

Pediatrics & Neonatology
Obstetrics & Gynecology
COSMETIC Gynecology
Cardiology & Vascular Surgery
General Practice
General, COSMETIC & PEDIATRIC Dentistry
Implantology & Maxillofacial Surgery

Plastic Surgery
Aesthetics & Skin Care
Laser Hair Removal
Vitamin Drips & Infusion
traditional chinese medicine
Neurology & Reflexotherapy
Physiotherapy & rehabilitation

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